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Our Part Book Cover

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Our Part

Here in a short volume is captured the essence of what pleases God with our lives as Christians…brief enough to be memorable.  It is designed to indelibly secure a place in the reader’s mind, prompting daily application.  The poignant inquiry, “what doth the LORD thy God require of thee,” is not a mere rhetorical question.  It is or should be the longing of every Christian to live a life challenged by God’s admonitions and finished without regret.  Outlined in the book are the essentials of what God asks of the believer for a life intent on pleasing Him.  Perceptively and insightfully, three intertwined Biblical characteristics are alliterated as simply the Will, the Walk, and the Work.  Connected here are both daily goals and lifelong pursuits, punctuated with personal illustrations as well as other compelling stories.  Each is explored to shed the obvious and reveal this underlying three part thread that winds its way from early Old Testament characters through the first century saints and doctrine.

As these simple terms are expanded and linked together, a template is created that will then remind the reader of a personal application to their life on nearly every page of the Bible.  Using scripture, the Will is shown to be indicative of our heart’s desire for God.  The Walk displays the freely given surrender of all.  The Work exemplifies the admonition to faithful diligence.  These three elements are merged to complete the Biblical blueprint for a life without regret as they underscore every scriptural teaching regarding the believer’s relationship with God.